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School Meal Price Increase

Primary School meals will increase from £1.95 to £2.10 following the Easter holiday.  Break snack prices are noted below:

Primary Morning Break Price List 2015/16
Piece of Toast and Spread £0.15
Small Piece of Fruit £0.15
Scone/Pancake/Homebaking £0.25
Glass of Milk (150mls) £0.15
Glass of Milk Shake (150mls) £0.20
Glass of Pure Fruit Juice (150ml) £0.15
Cuplets of Fresh Fruit Juice £0.25
Milk Cartons £0.30
Flavoured Milk Cartons £0.35
Bottled Water (330mls) £0.30
Aquajuice 200ml £0.25
Aquajuice 85ml £0.20

P7 Science Roadshow

P7 recently had a visit from Charleston Academy science teachers. They organised a science roadshow with lots of different activities to get us thinking about science.

“It was fun. I especially enjoyed getting put in a bubble.” (Daniel)

“It was very interesting. I really enjoyed pumping the air out of the marshmallows.” (Lauren)

“I found all the activities interesting and I am looking forward to doing science at Charleston.” (Mathew)

“I really enjoyed dropping the basketball with the tennis ball on top. The tennis ball went flying because the energy was transferred to it from the basketball.” (Derek)

Nursery Raise £115.05 for Meningitis Research

BoogiemeninA big THANK YOU to all the boys and girls in the Beauly Nursery for the Boogie Fit bonanza on Wednesday 26th June.  Both the morning and afternoon groups took to the school gym hall for an epic public performance, for a cause close to everyones heart.  A terrific total of £115.05 was raised.   A special thanks must also be expressed for all the donations for our raffles and competitions, to the staff that supported the children and to our P6 buddies.  Well done everyone!

Nursery Sing-along – Meningitis Research

The nursery Sing-along will take place on Wednesday 26th June 2013 at 10.45 am and 2.15 pm in the school gym hall.

We would like to invite parents, carers and family members to attend our Boogie Fit Sing-along/Dance-along.  The children have been practising some Boogie Fit song and dance routines.  This event is to be a fundraiser to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation and there will be a collection on the day.  Information about Meningitis including the signs and symptoms will also be available.  All contributions are welcome for this special nursery fundraiser and can be handed into the school office before the end of term.  RAFFLE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FROM BEAULY NURSERY:  Prizes include Harry Gow Hamper, £15 John Munro Butcher’s Voucher, Wine, Chocolates. 

P1/2 and P2/3 Aigas Trip

On Monday 17th June we all went to Aigas for our school trip, we all had a lovely day and the sun shone for us. Here are some of our thoughts about the day along with some photos.

My best bit was the pond dipping. I felt happy.  by Andrew, P1

My favourite part was making the dens. I felt excited.  by Ruby, P1

We were making dens. It was fun and I felt over the moon.  by James, P2

Harry (leader) caught a toad and we went pond dipping.  I felt super super super ecstatic.  by Christian, P1

My favourite part was having good fun.  I felt happy.  by Amelia, P1

My favourite part was ‘Flood, Freeze, Camouflage (a game).  I felt over the moon.  by Louise, P1

I liked going pond dipping because I liked looking at the little bugs.  by Jessica Gordon.

I liked playing the game, Freeze, Flood and Camouflage.  by Selene.

I liked lunch time because I had a picnic outside and I was soooo hungry.  by Larry

I loved building the dens because we used the biggest sticks ever.  by Katie Maclean.

I thought it was the best day of my life, I love learning new things and it was great fun.  by Katie Ross

I loved the pond dipping because we saw a baby dragonfly.  by Sarah



Action Packed Day – A Huge Success!

Thursday 6th June proved to be an exceptionally busy but hugely rewarding day for the school community.  The Primary Sports Day, Whole-School Picnic, Nursery Sports Day and Summer Fete came together in a single day for the first time and with the sun shining everyone enjoyed a cracking day!  Comments have already been received with suggestions for how Beauly Primary School could make the day even more enjoyable when the time comes again next year, which is really helpful.  A big THANK YOU must go to all the school staff, our volunteer Sports Leaders from Charleston Academy, the volunteers from Beauly Co-op, the Parent Council, all our cheerleaders (parents/carers, family and friends) and of course the children, who should all be proud of how well they conducted themselves.  The boys and girls were fabulous and provided each other with support, encouragement and congratulations throughout the day!

Canadian Visitors Share Heritage and Generosity

Beauly Primary had some lovely guests on Tuesday afternoon, who had travelled a very long way for their visit!  Canadian travellers Alex Cameron, his wife and their four children, Emma, Eilidh, Nell and Rory have enjoyed an incredible break from their education and jobs as they travelled through Europe over the last six months.  They chose Beauly as the final destination in their Scottish tour due to their local Scottish heritage, of which they were very proud.  The reason for their visit quickly became clear as the family stood amongst their trusty bicycles that had been used throughout their epic journey.  Alex explained:

We have enjoyed an incredible journey, which I took a career break to enjoy with my family.  We got these bikes in France and have used them as we travelled North, renting challets along  the way.  They have been very reliable and were used daily.  I don’t want to waste time trying to hock (sell) them and it is not worth it to take them home, so we thought Beauly Primary could use the five bikes.

This incredible act of kindness will be put to good use in the next academic year.  The Pupil Council and Parent Council will be involved in the decision of how to put the bikes to best use.  A silent auction, a raffle or spare bikes for Bikeability Training are all options to consider.  A big Beauly THANK YOU to Mr and Mrs Cameron and their lovely family for this incredible act of generosity!



Summer Rugby






rugger image






For more information please contact Highland RFC Development Officer Sinclair Patience at:

P3/4 Rugby Festival

Once a week we have rugby training.  It is on the school field.  Primary 3/4 go and the specialist is called Sinclair.  On Tuesday we to the field and played loads of games.  The first game was called animal moves.  After that we played sharks v fish.  The words to describe it are awesome, cool, fun, great and so on!  After that we wnt back to class and now I love rugby.

by Olivia, P4

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